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ElectroFlow™ Features:

» Voltage Improvement
» 3-Phase Balancing
» Surge Protection
» Harmonics Reduction
» Power Factor
» Capacity Release
» Brownout Protection
» V. Failure Protection
» S. Harmonics Filtering
» Phase Loss Synthesis

What is ElectroFlow™?

ElectroFlow is an internationally renowned state of the art energy saving and power conditioning system, with proven performance and satisfied customers in 105 countries worldwide. ElectroFlow is the only integrated modular system in the world specifically custom-engineered to effectively and economically optimize power quality with guaranteed electric savings of up to 34%, and nominal payback of less than two years, without any disruption to equipment or machinery. ElectroFlow is versatile and is available in different sizes based on a facility's requirements.

ElectroFlow's multistage system is triple protected, with each stage independently monitored, protected, and activated, resulting in simultaneous addressing of multiple problems and functions. This eliminates the need to purchase a number of different devices to correct each anomaly.

".....We would like to thank you for the tremendously excellent job you Company and ElectroFlow™ has done for Coca-Cola. All that you have stated regarding improvement and stabilization of Voltage, Three-Phase Balancing, protection against Surges and Transients, Filtering harmonics and power factor of 98% have been achieved by the system. We have achieved a payback of 1.17 years.

Thank you very much for introducing ElectroFlow™ to our company and we are currently planning to implement this system in all of our other plants..."

Rolondo C. Constantino, PEE Senior Electrical Engineer, Coca-Cola

".....Since the full implementation of your ElectroFlow™ System for Power Quality and Energy Conservation, we have noted the following:

  1. Reduction of Harmonics (THD) caused by DC Motors.
  2. Reduction of voltage fluctuations.
  3. Reduction of our per unit energy cost.

We are very pleased with the ElectroFlow™ System's performance and are certain about its technology and capability in improving energy efficiency."

William Kwok, General Electric (GE)

".....Since the installation of ElectroFlow™, we have realized electric bill reductions of $36,000. Furthermore, unlike the past, we have not experienced any power sags, surges or brownouts. ElectroFlow™ has performed as specified and will be a profitable energy saving addition to any facility."

Richard McCollin, Plant Engineering, Ford

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