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ElectroFlow™ Features:

» Voltage Improvement
» 3-Phase Balancing
» Surge Protection
» Harmonics Reduction
» Power Factor
» Capacity Release
» Brownout Protection
» V. Failure Protection
» S. Harmonics Filtering
» Phase Loss Synthesis
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ETI - Introductions

Electenergy Technologies Inc.

Who we are and what we do?

ETI is a dynamic and aggressive international electrical/energy engineering firm. ETI provides one-of-a-kind and state-of-the-art technology and related products and services to its Licensees and customers. We offer highly advanced systems in the fields of electrical/energy engineering and power quality. ETI is a privately held and debt free corporation, with its Headquarters in Columbia , Missouri , U.S.A. We are operating nationally as well as internationally, being represented in so many countries worldwide. ETI has over 30 years of history, providing our customers with substantial electric energy savings through guaranteed performance of reliable products and services; to companies that are concerned with making their facilities performance efficient and cost effective.

Combining our vast experience with both theoretical and practical technical knowledge allows us a unique insight into electrical/energy use and conservation. Our systems have delivered power savings as high as 34%, while protecting equipment and machinery and reducing maintenance and downtime.

Our organization has a long history of service to industry, and we have developed a flexible and compliant relationship with our customers, keeping their immediate goals and needs uppermost in mind. Since inception, ETI has offered our customers and Licensees FREE engineering consultation services in conjunction with our quality products and services.

Small and large customers, both nationally and internationally, have enjoyed the benefits of ETI's products and services. We have built our business and reputation upon one satisfies customer and Licensee at a time. We believe in doing the job right, in a timely and efficient manner, to the client's complete satisfaction: GUARANTEED!! We offer the finest, most technically advanced design, fabrication and equipment, as demonstrated in our ElectroFlow system; a power conditioning and energy saving system.

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