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» Voltage Improvement
» 3-Phase Balancing
» Surge Protection
» Harmonics Reduction
» Power Factor
» Capacity Release
» Brownout Protection
» V. Failure Protection
» S. Harmonics Filtering
» Phase Loss Synthesis

New Products

Introducing Harmonitor

From PowerFul Corporation

Harmonitor 3000 is the only device you need to examine the true condition of any electrical system, at a fraction of other complex power analyzers' cost. It is equipped with a microprocessor that provides complete and accurate True RMS measurements of all important electrical parameters for any single-phase or three-phase applications.



HarmonitorT 3000 is the most versatile, user friendly, and affordable three-phase handheld instrument for accurately measuring voltage (V), current (A), power factor (%) true power (kW), and apparent power (KVA), along with voltage and current harmonics in electrical systems.

Measures Volts, Amps, PF, kW, KVA, and Harmonics.

  • Volts: It measures True RMS phase-to-phase, as well as phase-to-neutral voltage, with Minimum and Maximum registers and phase displacement. Waveforms can also be addressed.
  • Amps: It measures True RMS current in each phase, with Min. and Max. registers and phase displacement. Waveforms can also be viewed.
  • PF: It measures True as well as Displaced Power Factor of each phase, with Min. and Max. registers. It indicates angle displacement between voltage and current, as well as the three-phase voltage sequence. Waveforms can also be accessed.
  • KW: It measures True power of phase-to-phase, total phase-to-phase, true power of phase-to-neutral, and total three-phase power.
  • KVA: It measures apparent power of phase-to-phase, and total phase-to-phase, as well as apparent power of phase-to-neutral, and total three-phase apparent power.
  • Harmonics: It measures voltage and current harmonics up to the 31st order for each phase, expressed as a percentage of the fundamental, as well as Total Harmonics Distortion (T.H.D.) of voltage and current. The Harmonitor 3000 also displays voltage and current K-factors. Waveforms, magnitudes and frequency spectrum can also be accessed.


HarmonitorT 3000 is compact and lightweight; you can hold it in one hand for easy connections. Probes are easy to connect, whether for single-phase or three-phase applications.

Probes: Four voltage clips, for single-phase or three-phase voltage measurements of up to 600V are provided. Three clamp-on current transformer (CT's) clamps, rated at 3000A, are provided.


Simple User Interface

Once a measurement is taken, parameters can be displayed by simply pressing the appropriate button on the key pad. Readings are updated every second. It is ergonomically designed for ease of operation using simple key stroke operation.

  • Controls: Twelve momentary membrane switches for user-selectable push-button operation.
  • Alphanumeric display: LCD dot matrix, 4 lines by 20 characters, 4 by 1¼ inches (7.6 cm by 3.2 cm).


  • Microprocessor: On-board Motorola HC6811-F1 microprocessor, 12 bit A/D conversion, crystal-controlled clock. Accuracy ensured by 64-bit math processing at 256 samples per cycle.
  • Voltage inputs: Phase A, B, C, and neutral.
  • Current inputs: Phase A, B, and C.
  • Probes: 4 easy-access, insulated, and rated at 600V voltage clips are included.
  • Range: 1 to 600Vrms (1000V peak).
  • Accuracy: +/-1% of reading, +/-1% of full scale.
  • Probes: Three Current Transformer (CT) clamps, rated at 3000A; included.
  • Range: 1 to 3000Arms when 3000A CT's are used.
  • Accuracy: Nominal +/-2% of reading, +/-2% of full scale.
  • Auto-select: Automatically adjusts its scale for accurate readings.
  • Frequency: Tolerance of +/- .1HZ at 50 HZ or 60 HZ.
  • Data acquisition: 9-pin RS232 serial interface, with software.
  • Power Requirement: HarmonitorT 3000 is battery powered, using four (4) AA alkaline batteries. It is equipped with sophisticated electronic circuitry to ensure long-life power supply, and low-battery indicator.
  • Environmental: 32° - 122°F (0° - 50°C); 0 - 95% RH, non-condensing.
  • Physical: 4.7" X 9.8" X2" (11.93cm X 24.89cm X 5.08cm); 1.7 lb. (.765Kg), with batteries.

Harmonitor 3000 is the ideal instrument for engineers, technicians, electricians, and field professionals!

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